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Next Governor Must Make Evacuation Planning The No. 1 Coastal Priority

The Lens, October 21, 2015

Managing Hurricane Surge Risks in the Supercomputing Era

The following is a two-part article published in the Louisiana Civil Engineer May & August 2015.











Part I: Pre-Katrina Evolution of Surge Hazard Estimation and Risk Management











Part II: Post-Katrina Progress and Limitations in Surge Hazard Estimation and Implications for Surge Risk Management


The Direct Impact of the MRGO on Hurricane Storm Surge

Led/authored by Bob Jacobsen PE in 2006 (while at URS Corp) for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (now CPRA).

This project evaluated the role of the MRGO channel conveyance on regional hurricane storm surge. The project included ADCIRC modeling of three Category 4 storms under present and fully closed MRGO scenarios and conducting a sensitivity test of surge results to levee alignments.

(ADCIRC simulations were implemented with support from Himangshu Das and WorldWinds, Inc.)



















Final Report 

Our Team
New Orleans Hurricane Surge Risk Management-Click to see PowerPoints
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