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  • Designing Cost-Effective Risk-Based Groundwater Remediation—A Manal for Applications Involving Shallow Orgain Solute Contamination in Louisiana, Louisiana Chemical Association (1997).


Example Public Presentations

  • 21st Century Flood Ri$k Wisdom (eight videos) (2022).

  • The August 2016 Flood—90 Days of Headlines in The Advocate, Parts I and II (2017).

  • The August 2016 Amite River Basin Flood—Context & Challenges, Parts I, II, III, and IV (2017).

  • Workshop on Improving Amite River Basin Flood Forecasting and Hazard Analysis (2016 and 2017 Organizer).


Given presentations to a range of professional, business, governmental, and citizen audiences:

American Society of Civil Engineers (Baton Rouge)

Amite River Basin Commission

Baton Rouge Geological Society

California Flood Hub

Center for Planning Excellence

Environmental Business Council of New England

Houston Geological Society

Louisiana Engineering Society

Louisiana Floodplain Management Association

Louisiana Geological Survey

LSU College of the Coast & Environment Seminar Series

LSU Marine Extension Program

Louisiana Urban Stormwater Coalition

Sierra Club of Baton Rouge

St. Bernard Economic Development Foundation

Together Baton Rouge

Tulane Engineering Forum

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