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Hurricane Surge Hazard Analysis: The State of the Practice and Recent Applications for Southeast Louisiana, May 2013 was prepared jointly for the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority—East and the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.  The Report describes the rapidly evolving scientific and engineering methods for defining surge hazards, including important related uncertainties.  The Report extends beyond approaches sufficient for National Flood Insurance Program purposes.  The Report discusses five topics critical to understanding surge hazards for the highly vulnerable southeast Louisiana region.


Recent advances in the SOP indicate several key aspects of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 2005-09 NFIP analysis for southeast Louisiana are outdated for more comprehensive risk management purposes. These advances have implications for  levee planning, design, and resiliency; evacuation planning; coastal restoration; and additional surge risk reduction measures. The Report includes many significant recommendations for updating the USACE’s analysis, as well crucial research needs for further advancing the SOP.


Executive Summary TOC & Introduction.pdf

Part I Hurricane Climatology.pdf

Part IIa Modeling Hurricane Surge Physics.pdf

Part IIb Modeling Hurricane Surge Physics.pdf

Part III Hurricane Surge Hazard Analysis.pdf

Part IV Hurricane Surge Hazard Analysis for Polders.pdf

Part V Hurricane Surge Hazard Analysis of Future Conditions.pdf

General Technical Notes 1 & 2.pdf

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